I just moved back to Italy. Here’s my current catalogue. Prices in Euro. Shipping is not included:

Turgid Animal Releases:
VA – Supreme Garbage 2xc70 – 12 €
Military Piss Drill “Erotica Grotesque” C24 – 6 €
Astro – “Japanese Royal Blue” LP – 15 €
Fecalove/Mutant Ape/Oubliette/Torturing Nurse – “Eiste Skilohissia” LP – 15 €
Roro Perrot/Angola c30 – 6 €

Fecalove – “Great Northern War” CD – 12 €
Fecalove – “Void, Chaos, Cum” CD + zine, prints and pins – 12 €
Taeter – “The Hunt Has Gone Full Circle” 7″ – 7 €

Write me here if interested: gurkeroboter(at))))gmail/dot\com


As usual, prices don’t include shipping, and are in Norwegian kroner. Contact: gurkeroboter(at)gmail(dot)com.

FECALOVE – “COLOSTOMY DELUXE” C?? A tape in a colostomy bag? Yes. Fierce harsh noise on side A, feedback and synth endurance test on side B. Comes with two inserts on golden paper. Recycled tapes. Limited to 23 copies. 50 kr. Digital version here:

Military Piss Drill – “Erotica Grotesque” C24 – Debut tape from this Norwegian/Swedish duo. Distorted synths, tape decay, filthy old school industrial feel, Scandinavian taboo pornography worship. Limited to 45 copies. 50 kr. Digital version here:


Check the Distribution and Printed Matter sections. Everything that’s not Turgid Animal is half price. Valid until the end of November.


Music to make love to your old lady by.

Taeter – “The Hunt Has Gone Full Circle” 7 inch out now! Beautiful power electronics for beautiful people.
Description from the label:
“After classic demo tape and full length CD releases, Narcolepsia is proud to unleash the first vinyl for this obscure Nicola Vinciguerra´s project. Reeking of sexual decay and perfectly fitting the 7” single format, “The Hunt Has Gone Full Circle” emulates the crusty leftovers of anonymous clients, shattered dreams and low income, nature decomposed and degraded past recognition. Slowly moving, pulsating and hypnotic, this is Power Electronics vileness for the dedicated connoisseur.”
Edition of 250.
If you want to buy a copy it’s 60 kr plus eventual shipping.
If you want to buy more copies for your distro contact me for a wholesale price.
write me here: gurkeroboter(at)gmail(dot)com.
You can watch a nice promo video with some samples here:
More samples here on my soundcloud account:…/taeter-the-hunt-has-gone-full-circ…
The label’s website:


New Tape! It’s catalog number 599. Impressive, eh?


PGR/FECALOVE – “Alle Fortener Hungersnaud” C50 – Dirty Italian harsh noise recorded in Norway and vintage pornography smuggled from Denmark. Scandinavian ecstasy. Side B is a collaboration with yours truly. Dubbed on beautiful recycled tapes and limited to 88 copies. Listen to some snippets here:
If you want it, it’s 50 Norwegian kroner (6 € or something) plus shipping. Contact: gurkeroboter/at\gmail/dot\com


Oh look, a new tape!

Best music ever conceived
Best music ever conceived

RORO PERROT / ANGOLA C30 (in conspiracy with Poço Discos, Portugal)
Retarded acoustic noisecore mayhem from the French master of disgust Romain Perrot (also Vomir, Falot, etc) vs ugly Gerogerigegege-style 1234 noisecore destruction from Splinter vs Stalin members. Extremely painful and annoying. Limited to 100 copies.
50 Norwegian Kroner plus shipping



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