Prices don’t include shipping and are in Norwegian Kroner. Contact: gurkeroboter(at)gmail(dot)com

FECALOVE – “COLOSTOMY DELUXE” C?? A tape in a colostomy bag? Yes. Fierce harsh noise on side A, feedback and synth endurance test on side B. Comes with two inserts on golden paper. Recycled tapes. Limited to 23 copies. 6 €. Temporarily unavailable. Digital version here:

Military Piss Drill – “Erotica Grotesque” C24 – Debut tape from this Norwegian/Swedish duo. Distorted synths, tape decay, filthy old school industrial feel, Scandinavian taboo pornography worship. Limited to 45 copies. 6 €. Digital version here:


Alle Fortener Hungersnaud
The face of satisfaction.

PGR / FECALOVE – “ALLE FORTENER HUNGERSNAUD” C50 – Dirty Italian harsh noise recorded in Norway and vintage pornography smuggled from Denmark. Scandinavian ecstasy. Side B is a collaboration with yours truly. Dubbed on beautiful recycled tapes and limited to 88 copies. Listen to some snippets here:
6 €
plus shipping.

Best music ever conceived
This is what beautiful music looks like.

RORO PERROT / ANGOLA C30 (in conspiracy with Poço Discos, Portugal)

Retarded acoustic noisecore mayhem from the French master of disgust Romain Perrot (also Vomir, Falot, etc) vs ugly Gerogerigegege-style 1234 noisecore destruction from Splinter vs Stalin members. Extremely painful and annoying. Limited to 100 copies.


6 € plus shipping.


VA – “SUPREME GARBAGE” 2XC70 – Fuck, this one took too long! Twenty – eight tracks from my favorite Italian harsh noise, power electronics and bizarre industrial acts. A monument to the Italian underground noise scene, including brand new, amazing tracks from Adamennon, Fukte, Atonal Orgasm, Caligula031, Corpomorto, Torba, Deviated Sister TV, Dead Body Love, SLP, Iron Molar, Cain Arbour, N., Gingagaruga, Indch Libertine, VipCancro, Encephalophonic, Molestia Auricularum, Cris X, Alo Girl, Poseitrone, Acchiappashpirt, Elisha Morningstar, Taeter, Nascitari, Blood Feud, Lettera 22, ImdP. Double c70 tape, for a grand total of 140 minutes of pure Italian noise. Limited to 200 handnumbered copies.

12 € plus shipping.


NICOLA VINCIGUERRA – “PLAYS TOMBA EMMANUELLE” C40 – Weird industrial/dark ambient/noise/musique concrete pieces composed with sounds recorded inside Emanuel Vigelands Museum in Slemdal, Oslo: an enormous, dark and creepy mausoleum completely decorated by frescos and graced by incredible acoustics.The muffled sound of people dragging their feet around the room, their whispers and coughs, their improvised vocalizations, the creaking of the woodden chairs, the slamming of the entrance door, etc., are all magnified by the amazing, empty reverb of the place and chopped, distorted and mangled by yours truly. Limited to 93 handnumbered copies. To learn more about the Museum, check:

Also available as digital download/streaming:

6 € plus shipping.


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